2195 River Street
Bowling Green, KY 42101

One of the premiere live music venues in the area, Spillway BG delivers music and entertainment for all ages.

Known worldwide for their wings, Spillway BG has a full array of appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, and so much more. You can check out their menu at the link below.

Spillway BG has established themselves as a bar and grill that is know for the best wings in the south central Kentucky area. They don’t just stop at wings; they have a full menu for any food enthusiast.

They are a family owned business that cares for their customers and will work diligently to offer you a relaxing and enjoyable time while visiting their establishment.



C4 is a band that plays something for everyone. Our set list consists of Gary Allan, Jason Aldean, A Thousand Horses, Bob Seger, ZZ Top, 3 Doors Down, Shinedown and everything in between.

Boomstik is all about having a good time playing good rock n’ roll music. No gimmicks, just music!

Coming at you from the depths of South Central Kentucky, Boomstik is a mash up of long-time local musicians that came together in 201,4 consisting of Ken Massey on lead vocals, Wade England on guitar, Jason Thurman on drums, and Kevin Pope on bass.

Coming out of the legendary music scene that is South Central Kentucky, Boomstik is a group of normal guys that love playing music and having a good time doing it. A mix of old school, kick you in the teeth classic rock, and 90s grunge, Boomstik is at its best when playing live. Whether it be a local dive bar or a national stage Boomstik is sure to bring a party and go wide open the whole time!

Boomstik is all about the music, no gimmicks! Faith, Family, and Rock-N- Roll is who they are, and how they roll. Half of their mission is to make people forget their troubles, if not for just a short time, through their music. That happens with good vibes and high energy, to give the fans what they need to have a great time through the music. If they have accomplished that, then they have successfully completed their mission! That mission is to bring Boomstik’s version of South Central Kentucky Rock N Roll to the masses, and leave people better off than they found them, possibly with a lot of empty beers cans along the way. What Boomstik does is not only about the music, it’s about the fans, if you forget the fans, and the Boomstik family, you don’t have much. Boomstik is about both, music and people!

Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees™ are a Southern Americana Groove Rock band based in Nashville, TN. They are signed with Spectra Music Group.

Formed by Jacob Needham and James Cody, The Blue Trees™ have developed a signature style that blends rock, pop, alternative, funk, and electronic elements. In a word, their music is fun, dance-able and original and is the perfect fit for festivals, nightclubs, and private events.

Meeting for the first time in February 2015, Jacob and James quickly formed a writing team that was powerful and prolific.

Having the same goal of achieving success in the music industry, the guys began to work nonstop on demo recordings. After several months of hard work, the two completed a 12-song demo recording and requested the services of local producer, Ben Trexel to help with the mix.

After the official release of their first single “Chasing You” in October 2015, they struck a distribution deal which landed there single charting #8 on FM Radio Charts. As of February 1, 2017, The Blue Trees relocated to Nashville and signed with Spectra Music Group. They also have added drummer RaShaun Whetstone and bassist Chris Bevacqua to their lineup. For updates and touring schedule, be sure to check out their Facebook page BlueTreeNation.com.

“Their infectious sound will leave you wanting more. ”
— Seth Coburn

“We are leading a Revolution in music. Our Kentucky Roots have allowed us to develop this backwoods vibe that over time has been long forgotten in Southern Music. We want to start the revolution that will change Southern Country and Southern Rock Music, forever.”

– Allison Stafford (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar)

From their first single “Harlan Bridge” (2015) to their current EP “Bar Band.” (2017) No Deceit has shown time and time again, their passion for revamping Southern Roots and a Backwoods sound in their Southern Rock/ Country mix. Their end goal = a True REVOLUTION In Country/ Southern Rock music. Female Lead Singer (Allison Stafford), stomps around on stage BAREFOOT; belting from the top of her lungs while Lead Guitarist (Michael Bradshaw), electrifies the audience with is insane guitar solo’s. All of that combined with Eric Scott’s incredible talent on bass and background vocals, and Jaron Mudd’s energetic performance on drums, creates a one of a kind show that is rare to see from Country Bands anymore. The band writes all original music together and creates music that is unlike anything you’ve heard yet.

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